Angel’s Rest

© April Meads, 2015

Along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, there are numerous hiking sites that are just amazing. All have a waterfall, whether it be large or small, and most of them lead to Multnomah Falls. So if there are so many to chose from, all of which are gorgeous, how do you pick which trail to explore? For starters, I would suggest putting them all on your bucket list. But one that is a little longer and tiring but has some spectacular views is Angel’s Rest. This one I hadn’t ever heard of until I stumbled upon it looking for a place to hike, but I’m extremely glad I came across it with my friends.


Angel’s Rest is a little over two miles which doesn’t sound too bad. Although, it is all uphill and sort of rocky, making parts of the trail difficult to walk on. Thankfully, just when you’re thinking to yourself, “Am I there yet?” you’ll most likely look up to see a great view point where you can see the Columbia River. If you time your hike just right, you can get up there when the sun is setting and it makes for a fantastic view. Just don’t stare too long, I made that mistake on the way down and had a huge orange dot in my vision for 30 minutes.


Like most of the hiking trails in the Gorge, Angel’s Rest has a waterfall. It is not even half the size as Multnomah Falls, that’s for sure, but it’s a nice rest stop along the trail to relax and enjoy the sounds of nature. Unfortunately you cannot get close enough to it to rinse off and cool down on a hot summer day, so I suggest bringing your own water for that. Here’s a look around the trail!

This trail has a few landslide warnings throughout so I wouldn’t recommend hiking here if it is raining. Just make sure to check the weather before venturing all the way here. My time here it was 65 degrees mid-February, and I was sweating the whole hike up. Not to mention the sunburn I got, but that might be because I have pale Irish skin. Whenever you chose to hike Angel’s Rest, I do suggest bringing at least a light sweatshirt. Once you arrive at the very top it is quite windy up there, and less enjoyable if you’re shivering the whole time. Besides the weather, the top of Angel’s Rest is quite a beautiful sight. Anywhere you stand will give you a great view, but I learned that the best views are the ones that you have to brave for. If sitting on the edge of a rock that is more like a cliff with a few hundred feet to the next landing below doesn’t phase you, then you’ll have no problem.

IMG_3619     IMG_3646

So with this Oregon rain starting to slow down, get out your hiking shoes and explore Angel’s Rest along the Columbia River Gorge! Bring those snacks, water, camera and if you’re pale like me, bring that sunscreen! Snap pictures and remember use the hashtag #ExplOregon on Twitter or Instagram. Ready for more? Stay tuned for my next post on another hiking trail in the Pacific Northwest!

Oh, and don’t forget your selfie stick!


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