Hiking Essentials

© April Meads, 2015

Every time you set out for a hike chances are you pack a backpack with a few things you cannot go hiking without. There are people who take hiking very seriously and have their pack with the attached water bottle and straw for easy access. Then there are people like myself that just use one of the many backpacks I have acquired over the years. If you are a beginning hiker and aren’t quite sure what you should bring in your backpack, you have came to the right place because I’m going to discuss the general hiking essentials.

First off, WATER WATER WATER!! No matter what the weather is like, water is always a must. Passing out mid-hike is the last thing you want to happen. In fact, I suggest a few water bottles for the longer hikes where you’ll most likely be constantly holding onto a bottle the whole time. Put the water in a place that is easy to grab, like the side pocket of the backpack or just in your hand. It is quite a pain when you have to stop and hold up the line to fish a bottle out of your backpack.

3380660968_4a43607ba4_o (1)

(Taken by Стефан Симов)

Secondly, I suggest grabbing some fruit. Hikes become no fun if you are starving with no food to eat. Everything on the trail starts to look like food that’s off limits and will probably put you in a grumpy mood. So grab some oranges, apples, grapes, kiwi, bananas or anything else that meets your needs. Make sure that they are prepared to eat right away so you’re not walking along the trail and trying to peal your kiwi simultaneously.

5356966655_856597f0b2_z(Taken by Vince Wingate)

Pictures are prominent in today’s society; whether it’s to post on social media, print out for a scrapbook or just for keepsake, almost everywhere you go there will be someone taking pictures. Especially when on a hike in the beautiful state of Oregon, there is so much scenery making it impossible to capture it all with just your eyes. Since the majority of the world has a smartphone now-a-days, if you’re one of those people then all you need to do is grab your phone and you’re set. Or, of course, there is the option of packing along your camera or GoPro. Pretty much anything that can take a picture would be perfect.


(Taken by Clément Livolsi)

These are my three hiking essentials that are always with me when I’m off hiking. Now it’s your time to tell me! Take the poll below to vote for your favorite hiking essential!


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