Punchbowl Falls

© April Meads, 2015

Searching for new places to hike, I came across lots of places I had never been. But another requirement I had while searching was to find a place that not a lot of my friends have been before. I finally came across Punchbowl Falls, all I needed from there was a sunny day. Compared to other places I’ve been, this one was easy to find. For those of you who think you might want to check it out, keep in mind that you have to pay for parking! Anyway, here’s my journey to the famous Punchbowl.


There are several different hikes you can chose to take once you’re at the trailhead. Either cross the bridge or keep walking straight; to get to Punchbowl avoid the bridge. Like most hikes, this was all uphill but only at a slight slant. I estimate the hike being around 4 miles all together, and it only takes about an hour or so each direction. The view is mostly trees through out most of the hike getting up to the Punchbowl, but since this is Oregon, even the trees are absolutely beautiful.


You will often come across small waterfalls along the path, as well as water that is showering down from mysterious places that feels lovely to dip your head in. Every once and a while if you look down you can catch a glimpse of a river that comes off of the Punchbowl. Most of the way you don’t have to worry about falling because the path is pretty wide, but I will warn you that in some areas the path is narrow. So narrow that there is a metal wire along the side for you to hold on to to avoid falling.

narrow paths

There’s not a lot to talk about on the way up, since the hype of the whole hike is the falls that it leads to. But if you’re lucky enough, you’ll see other people who are always friendly, you’ll see lots of trees, mini waterfalls and flowers! It can get tiring, but once you reach the falls, you will never want to leave.


Looks like you can get a good swim in if the weather is decent, right? Unfortunately it is marked all along the path to not dive or swim in the Punchbowl. The water coming off of the falls is pretty vicious, and once you’re in the water there would be no way out. So really, don’t go jumping in there or you’ll be floating around for awhile. However, there is an area where you CAN go in the water and that is to the left (if you’re looking at the above picture).


The water there is very cold so I suggest not staying in there long or going in that far or you might freeze your toes off. The rocks are also incredibly slippery so if you chose to go in the water, be careful. In this area is a good places to sit down, relax, have a snack and enjoy the second waterfall in the distance.



So there you have it, Punchbowl Falls! I hope you have a fun safe hike if you ever chose to explore this one! Below is a map of the three hikes that have been featured in my blog so far, as well as seven new ones to add to your bucket list.

Happy hiking!


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